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Journal Entry #14

Glyph creative studio is going to be in the mama expo next week. We need to prepare for the show and print some of their work that way they can put it on their booth. We are also creating a nice clothing line were we can hang Polaroid pictures. I am in charge of selecting the best baby and pregnancy photos from her gallery to display in her portfolio which is going to be in the show. She wants to have her baby T-shirt line ready by the expo that way she can promote it.

We received an email for a restaurant that needs a dinner menu, cocktail menu, and table numbers. The client likes what they have already but since its warn down they would like us to reproduce it. This may seem easy but it was not because they didn’t have any of the files like pictures for us to use. We had to search on the internet and find images that best looked similar to what they had in the menu. This client was extremely picky because she wanted the design to match exactly to what she had. We emailed each other back and forth at least 10 times for one piece to get approved. My boss was getting upset because those clients didn’t pay enough for her to spend so much time on the work. I was even more pissed because I had to make sixty blue table numbers and sixty green tables with the same design. the only variation is the images and the color, the process was completely tidies.

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