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Journal Entry #16

Last Saturday I received a promoted to assistant manager which made me extremely happy because that is what i was striving for. It was bitter sweet moment because now my work has doubled while I’m in the middle of finishing up senior project and internship. I was offered to stay and work at Glyph Creative Studio but because i just go the promotion I had to let go of this great opportunity. The time that she needed me to work also did not work with my schedule which is another reason why i had to let it go. I learned so much from my boss and I appreciate everything that she has taught me. We will definitely keep in touch and she says the doors are open if I ever want to come back or need any help with my school work. I did leave the door open for other students to come and intern with her. In fact she is looking for a summer intern to start right away due to all the projects that she has. My boss has a lot of connections and is always networking which is great to really put your self out their this maybe a small company but don’t let the size fool you because their is a whole lot of work and good clients that you will be working for. I am sad to say good by next week but at the same time it’s a relief to just get it all done and out the way. I am still going to take my bosses advise and start working for another company before i decide to freelance on my own. I feel like I still have more to learn and room for growth.

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