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Journal 9 by Mohammad C.

Mohammad Chowdhury

ADV 4900

Journal Entry 9

Banner ads (exasperated sigh) web banner ads- I don’t want to look to look at one anytime soon in the foreseeable future. I spent all day today designing web banner ads for one of MBG’s realty client Bureau, and it was exhausting and a bit of a dull endeavor. There was a 9 different banner sizes I had to design and by the ad of it I ended up designing a total of about 27 ads. But there’s definitely an upside to it, I have been told that these banner ads are likely going to be placed in major publication sites like The New York Times amongst others. So the thought of possibly seeing one of my designs live online is quite an exciting one. The banners have been sent out for the client to look through but the initial feedback from a few folks at MBG has been positive. Really hoping the ads can go live sometime soon. On the note of seeing one of my works in the real world, a few weeks ago I also did a very small, and rather simple, design for an asset within the webpage of another client, Young Arts and today I actually saw it on their website. I have to admit, as basic, simple (and I mean simple) and small as it was, it felt very good. I think I’ll be designing some web banner ads for Young Arts as well but knowing that I may get to see them in the real world makes me feel a lot less annoyed banner ads.


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  1. Joel Mason says

    I like the way you express your feelings about the design process. You need to proofread a bit more carefully. For example, your last sentence is missing the word “about” between “annoyed” and “banner.”

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