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Journal #11- Astrid Sarmiento

Astrid Sarmiento

Intern at A.R.T.S.Y Magazine

Today I was able to start with the ‘This is A.R.T.S.Y’ proposal template assignment. I had to designed the template exactly or close enough to how it was designed on Photoshop in a Word Document. As I discussed on my last week’s journal entry the creative director needs a copy of  ‘This is A.R.T.S.Y proposal in a Word document format since not everyone on the staff has a mac. Copying the design of the template on a Word document was pretty easy since I am quite familiar with Microsoft Word. The only thing I was not able to copy was the fonts since the creative director informed me to chose a font closest to the one that had been designed in Photoshop. He didn’t want me download the font because not too many other people in the staff are familiar with adding fonts on a PC either. After I was done copying I analyze them next to each other and then I went on to convert into a PDF so that I could email and forward the files to the creative director.

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