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Keeping It Up

After my interview for Sony Music, I decided to continue my search to apply for more internships just in case I don’t get accepted. Like before, I’m mostly applying for internships relating to design, web, or social media. I’m also applying for other internships such as video editing and print (even through print isn’t necessary something I’m interested in. I do, however, like to design package layouts and concepts).

Applying for an internship lately has been rough but I still keep applying in hope that at least one of them will contact me for an interview. Thankfully, one of them did! Excited to receive an e-mail from the company, they invited me for an interview this Thursday and to bring any of my design work I have done along with my resume. I replied back my thanks for giving me this opportunity and now preparing myself to speak to the director of the company on that day.

Since my last interview at Sony Music, I now know how to prepare myself and what I should and avoid saying thoroughly. I know I’ll do my best at this interview. As long as I keep this up, I’m sure I’ll be accepted and be able to work with them as a design intern. I just have to stay positive about it.

– Thomas M

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