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Pedro Ferreira- Journal entry 14 (final journal entry)

Week 14

Coming into the week 14 of the internship, I am close to reaching the time necessary to meet the internship course requirements. However, that does not necessarily mean that I will be done at the conclusion of this week. As I have stated in previous journal entries, we, the interns, at UniWorld Group have begun the process of working on another project. The new project we will be working on consists of a documentary based around the sport of handball and its obscurity here in New York City.

For this final journal entry, I don’t really want to focus on what I am currently working on with UniWorld Group, but I want to talk about my experience with the company.

Finding an internship was no easy task and getting selected to be one of three interns for UWG was an ecstatic moment for me. I thought this would be a similar experience to those I’ve had with previous internships: the typical going under someone’s wing and assisting them with ongoing projects. However, with UWG it was a completely different experience. As an intern, I was tasked with going out into the real world and conducting research via surveying. The information gathered would be used to cultivate information that we would use as the foundation to Culture Labs. Culture Labs is a section of UWG dedicated to collecting information on the impact culture has in our society.

Working side-by-side with the creative directors at UWG, I was able to get a first hand glimpse of the advertising world. Nothing is easy, and that was evident here at UWG. Everyone working here spends countless hours going back and forth with clients on projects. However, what really stood out to me at UWG was the teamwork. Everyone here works in unison. The balance and cohesion within UWG is not only visible in their work, but also in their attitudes. Everyone is upbeat and very fluid in the way they carry themselves. All egos are kept in check. Everyone gets along well and they make sure to interact with one another outside of the workplace. With projects passing through everyone’s hands, this is key.

With that said, when I leave UWG I will be leaving a great group of people. Since I got here, all I’ve been receiving is love and knowledge. I will be leaving with an understanding of how to properly conduct research in order to create solutions for advertising.

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