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Journal Entry #13

The internship is almost coming to an end and it seems like they are getting more busy by the minute. I have a lot of weight on my shoulders right now because I’m juggling senior project, internship, and work. All three are equally important to me and as much as I try to time manage something always seems to come up. Work it’s getting more demanding because around this time of the month there is a lot of events going on which causes me to call out of my internship. I have to make up the hours later on which takes time from senior project.

The beginning of the week was stressful, I wasn’t able to finish a logo for the lawyer company Sucaso. Although the client is not in a rush because he wants us to really get creative with the design I still have to complete other assignments for Glyph.  Finally on Wednesday I started coming up with some good ideas for the logo, I was having designer block earlier this week. The client unfortunately did not like any of it and not because it wasn’t good but because he doesn’t want it to look anything like a lawyer logo. I wish he would of said that earlier and made our job a little easier. Everyone worked on the logo individually and put our design together at the end to resubmit to the client.

We are now waiting for approval I really hope he likes it because this is not something I look forward to keep working on. I still don’t understand why they would want something that doesn’t say what they are about right away but we don’t get paid to ask those type of questions. As we figure out the design solution for this company Mariana tells me about her bright idea that she had a few days ago. She is planing on creating a baby Glyph t- shirt line. She says she wants the tees to have a minimalistic look with a rock star edge. This will be a cool addition to her company, she is so exited about that she is going to produce it real soon.


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