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Faith S. – Journal 4

Fifth week in, and still nothing. I am not giving up hope I have recontacted the companies, crossing my fingers and looking for new ones. I will not let myself down!

Another must read in the lesson of writing was “Capitalization” from Rules of Thumb. This one was a no brainer for me. You only capitalize a word if it is a name of some sort. Titles and names. Title of a book, class, position. Name of a person, place or thing. Plus it does get annoying when someone capitalizes every word when they are writing a normal message, more annoying, everything is in capitals.

another article we needed to read in The New Yorker was “Gross Domestic Freebie” by James Surowiecki. It started talking about Twitter and it’s millions of users and how it was used on a daily base, then suddenly it mentions an interesting point. Twitter is absolutely free. And because of it, it technically has no value. Then the article begins to mention how there are many other digital services that are used free daily and it’s users continue to frequent it. Economists say that it is hard to put a value on such services because, though a vast amount of users use it, it has no fee. No revenue. “The basic assumption is simple: the more stuff we’re producing for sale, the better off we are. In the industrial age, this was a reasonable assumption, but in the digital economy that picture gets a lot fuzzier, since so much of what’s being produced is available free.” Although, any user would despise it, if we started paying for these services, it’d boost the economy. Adding value to the service. It’s a delicate balance the provider needs to make.


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