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Faith S. – Journal 5

It is the sixth week, and again nothing. I am still resending emails, recontacting the companies, and hoping for the best. I am determined to get in.

This time in the Rules of Thumb, we were to read “Abbreviations.” This one was new for me. Although I already knew about abbreviating names and titles, I did not know that numbers follow this rule as much. For example, if a number were to be written and it was only two words or less, you have to write or type out the words rather than the number itself. If a number requires more than two words, you can just simple write the number. Unless you are doing math, then you write everything as numbers.

Another article we needed to read in The New Yorker was “Social Animal” by David Brooks. It was about how people interact and think with one another. How their mindset and what they like can affect how they live their lives and how they effect others around them. How one person dresses and/or looks can help or hinder him or her in life. It also begins when we are babies, how we were raised. We can go even further back and say it begins with our parents and how they were raised, so on and so forth. It’s a big long chain of events that let up to where we are today. What our ancestors did then, set up what we have today and what we do today will set up what our future generation will be living in.

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