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Faith S. – Journal 10

Second week at the internship and I’m still learning how things work around here. I was able to fix the text of the first project they assigned to me. I forgot what it was for but I do remember it was an informative ad for an internet provider and how their internet speeds compared to AT&T apparently since it was the logo they were using to represent the rival service provider. I’ve went to speak to Steve about and and he gave it an ok.

Next they put me on animating a drawing hand. It is a series of images of someone’s hand pretending to draw so it would give the illusion of something being drawn in if it was being done in a project. It was two projects, both for HGTV, a home decor network. One was how to set up a bed in a similar fashion to a fancy hotel and the other was who to set up a high class restaurant worthy dinner table. All I had to do was move the hand correctly following the drawn line to make it look like the hand was drawing it with was fun to do and watch.

I asked Steve if I were to finish a task he assigned, should I go directly to him to ask about other things to do or should I go around and ask if the other animators needed assistance myself because I know he was very busy with other things. He told me I can speak to the producers who were Paul, Brian and Spencer. In the end he stuck me with Spencer and said if he didn’t have work for me that I should go ask the other producers if anyone of them were in charge of a project they needed an extra hand in.


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