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Faith S. – Journal 11

Third week in and another project to help with. After I was done with the hands, I asked Trish, the animator I was assisting with the hand-drawing animation, if there was anything else I could help with. She told me to speak to another animator in the other room because it was a project that was due soon.

The product is called Virtual DJ and it was the next project I was assigned to. I was to assist in drawing some of the assets for the project. It wasn’t much and luckily the person I was helping had set up a folder full of image references. I was able to do two versions of a disco ball, a crowd, a dual turntable and a digital mixer. Sadly the turntable and crowd were scrapped and replaced with someone elses as they suddenly found out the way they were going about a certain scene of the project was too time consuming for the allotted time they had left. They did use my disco ball and digital mixer which made me happy. They had nothing else for me to do so I went to go bother one of the producers.

The closest one to reach was Spencer because he was in the section of the studio I was already in and the other two producers were in the other. It was the end of the week and before I left for the day I had asked if he had anything for me to do since the previous group didn’t need my help anymore. He told me that he didn’t have anything in mind right now but to see him when I come back next week to see if he had anything then.


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