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Faith S. – Journal 9

I am finally in! Internship here I come! Well, the director, Steve Day, told me I can stop by to introduce myself and see how things work on the first day. I did, and well, he wasn’t in, nor was the manager, Debbie, whom was the next person I should have had to talk to according to a guy named Paul who was the first person I talked to in the studio.

The studio was in an old renovated building with a neat clocktower on it. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work, but it is nice to look at considering I like mechanical clocks and such. They are located on the 3rd floor with several other companies. The Whiteboard Animation Studio took up two rooms which were connected on the inside with each section having a regular entrance of their own. The place was sort of cluttered with wires, drawings of various things pinned to the walls nearly covering up all of the wall, mismatched tables, seats and computers. I was expecting some kind of continuity but it’s not that important.They also had shelves filled with not only technical equipment but also model figurines of things from movies and hobby trains. They even had a Nerf gun.

So it was a quick five minute meet and greet with Paul before I have to leave for class. The next day I hope Steve or Debbie were there so they can show me the ropes and get me started on something. I was really excited. The next day Steve showed me to the area and sat me down at a table while introducing me to one of the animators. He put me to tweak a small part of an After Effects video which was to enlarge some text and make it stay on the screen longer than it was. It was quite simple to do, but it was annoying to work with the program since you had to pre-render it in order to watch the video with sound and the correct frame rate. You had to do this every time you adjust something then want to watch it again.


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