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Journal Entry 11

Mohammad Chowdhury

ADV 4900

Journal Entry 11


Ok, so I have officially completed my 120 hours of internship, in fact I have apparently gone over by a couple of hours, as per Tyler. Those hours certainly went by faster than I had expected. My time in MBG has been a great learning experience and I am not willing to let it come to an end simply because I have met my quota of hours for the course credit, which is why I intend on continuing to intern with the agency. I will not be going as often as I had been (I will cut it down to once a week from the usual three times) but I will use that single day as productively as I can.

For my “last day(s)” I actually created a storyboard, with direction from Marc and Mark, for a video that will be played in the office space of Bureau Realty. The storyboard was quite simple to create, but the experience of sitting with the creative as they hashed out the final details for the video was quite enjoyable. Despite the video being a compilation of various still images, there was still a strategy behind it all. After I finished the storyboard, Mark actually asked if I would be able willing to put together a comp video and since I actually enjoy film editing as well I immediately got to work with Adobe Premier. I worked up a short comp that set the tone for how the full video would play out and the best part was that Mark really liked the tone I had created. In fact, he even mentioned that he would have loved to just have me create the video for the client, instead of their usual video editor; however, I was/am taking a little break for my brother’s wedding reception. I will be going back in soon, and I can’t wait to see what work will be thrown my way next.

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