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Journal 10

It’s back to business as my supervisor has returned from his spring break trip, not that it was any different in his absence. While my supervisor was away, I was still spending him the designs I created for approval and need changes. The atmosphere over the past several days has been pretty laid back, and smooth. “Smooth sailing” would be the best term to describe it, and I quite like this at atmosphere. Over the last several days I have been creating a compilation of all the office’s designs as a portfolio, in which they can use to showcase to their future clients. Many of the designs are created by other designers for older events and seminar that were held the prior year. While compiling the presentation slides, I noticed that I was tasked with creating designs for the same events. It was nice having something to compare my designs too, as each poster presented the same information but with different visual styles. I complied several years of poster designs into a single PowerPoint presentation in which could be showcased in the waiting room of my internship office. Something for the clients to look at while they wait for hours to be seen by a law associate. I have been getting to know the other interns at the office, like the school they attend and their major. It’s nice getting to know the people, it makes my experience at the office a lot more interactive.

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