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Journal Entry 10

Mohammad Chowdhury

ADV 4900

Journal Entry 10


As I write this entry I’m crossing my hundredth hour. Right now I’m in a state reflection, looking back to my very first entry there was a lot of uncertainty and sense of dread but clocking in the 100th hour, my mind is at peace. As I’ve stated in most of my entries, it has been a pretty good time interning at MBG. I feel that I have managed to work on some pieces that I can include in my portfolio not to mention I now have a little bit of real world experience that I can boast in my resume.

Enough reflecting on the past, now onto the present. Today I got to work on some things for a new client, well new for me not the agency, called Bikestock. I actually had to design some t-shirts for the brand and this is definitely a whole new experience for me because I have never done any kind of t-shirt designs. For starters, I don’t wear graphic tees so trying to design them felt a little challenging to me. First I asked myself, “what kinda graphic tees would I wear?” and what designs also have a hipster vibe and I basically took it from there. Fortunately, the agency had already created some interesting graphics for the brand, which sells various kinds of bicycle tools and their point of purchase is mainly vending machines. Tyler gave me a quick break on what kind of t-shirts i had to design and then I got to work. After spending a decent amount of time on them and some feedback from Tyler I completed various iterations of my designs. The feedback was quite positive, so much so that Mark, not Marc, started discussing possibly pitching the idea of designing some t-shirts for Bureau Realty. I don’t think it will end up happening but if the agency and the client are up for it I would love to take a crack at it.

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