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week 4

This week I had back to work on menu that I started on the first day of my internship. For this project Marla only had asked me to write and organize the text without any decoration. after I handed in Marla did the design and everything. The client wanted a simple two color design. But after Marla sent them a proof they told her they did not like it because it was too simple. That was very interesting because at the beginning the client has seen all different options from Marla’s portfolio and they picked the one that simple and two color design. I am sure this happens all the time. It is hard to satisfy people when they do not know what they want. So this time Marla gave the project to me and we decided to go more colorful and playful. I add more images, shapes, and color. But I tried to stay on the simple side for just in case. Time to time I asked Marla’s feedback and she gave me positive comments. On Monday I left the menu half done to continue the next day. On Tuesday, when I got back to the office I found that Marla finished the menu. She did some changes and carried the design from simple to complex. She used big outlined burst shapes, boxes and gradient bars. She is in this business about twenty years. Even though her final design seems so busy and little outdated I think she knows better what her clients want. Because at the end of the day we do this job to pay our bills. If client likes your design your bills get paid.

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