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week 5

This week we had some problems with Marla. She could not find the file that I worked on it because I was saving files differently than her. To solve this problem we find a naming convention and determined a location on the computer to save files. Also we spent some time to organize our folders to be on the same page. So far everything seems synced. I have been working as a freelancer for two years but I have never had to hand in any project before finishing it. So it may take time to get used to save my works thinking someone else may use them.

Other than that we have two other projects. First is one of the old clients opens a frozen yogurt section in their restaurant and needs visual elements to promote that section. We are going to design a board to use on the counter. The size of the board is kind of big, so we have to use very high quality images. Therefore I spent some time to find these images. Also I did some research to see what is out there related to frozen yogurt business. At the end I came up some design options and Marla was going to show to the client. If they approve we will do a big menu board design that will be hanged on the wall.

Second project is a signage for a Peruvian restaurant. Marla designed a logo for this client and they want to use that logo in their outside signage.The only thing is that they want different font for logo and they do not decide what color they want. So on Tuesday I tried to come up with different font options and color combinations. I prepared eight different combinations and Marla took them to the client for proof .


frozen-yogurt-counter      frozen-yogurt-counter2

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