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week 3


This week I showed Marla my flyer design and she loved it. She told me that she sent my design to the theatre committee and everyone on the committee also liked the flyer. However I continued to work on the flyer because it is going to be printed in different formats. Also I had to add mandatories to the design.

On Monday I also worked on another menu. Again it was an update. The client wants to add new sections to their menu and also change the prices. Changing price is not a big deal. You just rewrite the numbers. However, trying to fit new content into existing and already packed up design layout is really hard to achieve. You have to analyze the layout to find some empty space that you may use it for new text. Changing font size and leading is another solution. In graphic design posters, book and album covers, advertisements, logos seem more complicated and sophisticated and we all want to design them. But if we are problem solvers I think designing nice, legible, organized and really affordable menu is a very challenging problem. It requires so much time and experience. When I could not find any more space Marla took the menu and changed it the way the client wants. I still do want to design posters and covers more than designing menus but I would like to be able to solve problems as fast as Marla.



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