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Yinshi Huang Journal entries Week1 -3


It was the first day of school, and I haven’t had a class start at 8:30am since I graduated from high school. On the first day of class, Professor talked about the course, an internship class. Based on the course description, we will write journals about the internship we will do this semester. At the end of semester our journal will become a booklet, which we will design. I felt so tired that day; thankfully the professor ended class early. At the end of class the professor asked if anyone was interested in doing an internship at a Chinese TV company called Sinovision. I felt interested because I’m Chinese, so my professor helped me call the supervisor. The supervisor told me he would contact the newspaper department for me. After I ate lunch, I went to the library and got some graphic design books. I found a seat and started reading and put my earphones on. Next thing I knew I fell asleep, and woke up an hour later. After I woke up, I started getting ready to go the next class. The next class is a portfolio class, and I saw a good friend of mine is it. We bought coffee and went to class together. The class started and the professor told us to print out all of our work. We then chose our best work with the professor and reworked them. At the end of the semester those works will become our portfolio. My last class was for the senior project. I already knew a lot about this course because everyone I knew who took the course in the past told me it’s the most difficult. I just hope this semester goes well without any issues.


Today was the first day of my intern. My supervisor told me to come to office at 11am. I woke up at 10 and ate breakfast. The office is 15minutes away from where I live. I arrived at office exactly at 11am, the secretary of the office told me to wait for my supervisor at lobby. My supervisor came and took me to his desk. He gave me a seat next to him. After he introduced a little bit of this company, then he gave me the assignment. My assignment is redesigning a brochure for a LED display in the Queens Crossing mall. This is an ad player digital display. I have to introduce what this LED display is and where it is and what kind of benefit the clients may get by using this LED display in the brochure. He gave me the original brochure as reference. We went to the conference room and talked about the brochure. He gave me the information that I have to put in the brochure. After I went back to my seat, I started researching first. At 2pm my supervisor brought me to the food court in down stair. He bought me Chinese food for lunch. After lunch, we went to a small art gallery because a famous Chinese singer will be there for a conference. I was so excited because I like the singer so much. The singer came in, and had meeting with reporters from TV and newspaper companies. The gallery is part of the company I work, so I could go in with my supervisor. This was the first day of work, and I had a wonderful day.



When I started to work on the brochure for LED and LCD in Queens Crossing mall, my supervisor taught me that 80% of work is research, and the other 20% is designing. First, I was researching photographs for this brochure; I found a free stock photo website called Every Stock Photo. These high resolution photographs are free to use, but I have to site the resources. The first topic my supervisor gave me is the location of Queens Crossing; not a lot of people know about Queens Crossing. Thus I started searching for the type of images that represent Queens. I made a list of things to research. Queens has LaGuardia Airport, Met Willet point, the 7 train, MTA bus lines; US open tennis center, Queens Botanical garden, and lot of Asian marketing. After I made the list, I started looking for photos. I could finally understand why my supervisor said that 80% of work is research. I found a lot of photographs, but not all of them could be use for the brochure. For example sizes don’t fit, and photo the positioning is critical for the brochure. I was literally was sitting in front of the computer all day just looking for images.

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