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Mohammad Chowdhury

ADV 4900

Journal Entry 8


I am still continuing to work on Atelier. My logo designs have been emailed to the client but he has not responded yet. While we wait I have been told to pick 3 or 4 of my favorite designs and mock up the logos in a landing page, letterhead, business card and envelope. I’ve been working on atelier for quite some time now and I’m starting to feel like atelier is my own client- it’s a good feeling and it’s also challenging. After I finished mocking up designs for the first logo I realized I had started this process in a way that would take me a long time. Like a fool I started designing everything in Photoshop instead of working in illustrator, which would make any revisions a real pain. So I had to reset the palette and worked out a mock-up template in Photoshop so that I could then start to import the designs as smart objects; thereby, expediting the process for any future edits. This little mistake today was actually a great learning experience and a valuable piece of knowledge for the future. Being in this internship is teaching me to be less reliant solely on Photoshop and actually work in unison with illustrator. I should also mention that after showing some of color logos to another designer, Mark Kline, he pointed me in the direction of Josef Albers, whose study of color theory will be an important tool for me when working with combination of colors. All in all, I worked a little slow today but I feel positive that I’ve positioned myself to be more productive the next time I go in. I can now focus fully on designing some great stationery pieces for the client’s consideration.

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