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Journal Entry 3

Mohammad Chowdhury

Journal Entry 3

I’m a bit late with this entry but hey, better late than never, right? Not much happened at the internship last week, I mostly just continued on finishing up designing a client pitch. I did, however, get to listen in on a phone call with a client. Seeing the relationship between an agency and a client was pretty good. I realized that an agency’s role is not to just produce new creative work but to advise on existing ones, and know to not ditch work that was done before them. Key is to know what’s working, what needs improvement and what must be done from scratch. This makes me think of the Malcolm Gladwell article, Creation Myth. In its essence, the article addresses the topic of innovation that is inspired as opposed to stolen and ones that are created entirely from a blank canvas. The development of something as small as a mouse is chronicled as a means of showing how something can have various perceptions based on its usage and intended audience. We get a clear understanding of how necessity also leads to innovation. This principle applies to all facets of our life and it is no different in advertising. Viewed from a designer’s perspective, Gladwell’s article showcases the value of approaching design challenges with multiple solutions, as when dealing with clients and trying to meet their specifications. Moreover, the way everything can have various ways of being done is very true for design as different designers have different skillset and personal preferences that must constantly change from client to client while still maintaining their own style. No matter what happens, we must all stick to our guns.

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