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Journal #3 – Astrid Sarmiento

Astrid Sarmiento

Intern at A.R.T.S.Y Magazine

So today one of our cover artists, singer and songwriter Maxine Ashley who was featured on issue 4 of our magazine was showcased on Vogue’s website. Her video premiere of Perpetual Nights off her latest EP/Mixtape Moodswings was displayed for all the public to see at Thus, if she and her work were being advertised in Vogue it was only a matter of time that the public will soon be searching her name on the database and this is where my assignment came in. I was asked to maximize all the keywords on all the latest and past content we had on her in order to see our viewer count on our website increase even more.  Apart from this, our magazine had also posted the video of her on our website; therefore I had to add keywords to this as well.

After I was done from adding keywords to the site I moved on into the YouTube videos from our magazine’s channel in which she was featured in and I started adding more keywords to that too. After I had press saved, YouTube had given me a pop-up warning stating that I was using too much keywords and that there was a limit. I was quite baffled since just last week I had added as much keywords as I could and I hadn’t received a warning before but then I realized that I was in fact using more keywords this time so I lessened the count by eliminating some of the keywords. But before doing so I took a screenshot, so that the words that I had used could be used for the other videos as well.

Furthermore, I then took the initiative of advertising in all of my social networks our magazine’s post on Maxine Ashley’s video premiere. In retrospect, it is exciting to see this magazine growing so much and I’m extremely proud to be a part of their team as a writer and as a web intern. When one of our features like Maxine Ashley is getting noticed on big publications such as Vogue it means that we are doing an excellent job in following our mission, which is shedding light on up and coming artists!

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