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Journal Fifteen

I was supposed to go into work last Friday to make up for the fact that I didn’t go last Tuesday, but I was having some trouble with my WordPress site for another class, so I decided I better try to work that out on a Macintosh computer at school.  This week is the last week of school, so I am planning to go in on Friday afternoon.  Obviously, that will be the last day.

I have just been so overwhelmed with all the work of my projects, that it has been hard to put in the hours on the job.  I can’t use my USB flash drive there, so it is hard to look at or do any personal work. I am just trying to finish up the projects for JavaScript and PHP class.  I also had to present my portfolio yesterday, and have to again later this week, so I have been trying to get that in order.

I am trying to sync everything up on that on an IPAD, so it takes some extra effort.  There isn’t much else to report except to say that I enjoyed being in a graphics environment this semester, and that I think work like this could be fun.  They seem to enjoy themselves, for the most part at the office I am in, so that seems good.  One of the employees also does his outside work, so that keeps him busy as well.

I just have to try to find a place that can make customized business cards with rounded edges, and it doesn’t look like it is that easy to find a good place which does.  I also have to print out my resume.



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