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Delmar’s J9

Dear Illustra Chronicles,

Ninth Entry – It has been an intense experience focusing on internship and doing senior project. Doing a page from his personal work “Whatzit”. It is a Good graphic novel, his third i believe. I practiced using his style of coloring. taking two custom brushes and adding a pressure sensor on them which colors with tints. the harder i press with the stylus the darker the tint. I adapted to his style quickly using it in my Projects and various personal work. He helped by guiding me on blocking in colors and having the art really pop.

What i have learned working with gideon was how to “shade color” and use textures in a more artistic way. The way Gideon colors and gives the art life is through the shades of one color he does not add a white over lay or black just the same color, which I have grown to love doing. I have explored almost every aspect of photoshop working in this internship. Using blending tools the various filters and editing my own brushes to fit my needs. now i know how to create an illustration that can seem like the character is a totally different entity from the background. this has boost my confidence as an artist i feel i am growing in this internship.

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