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Journal #10

This week was very easy because of all of the work I have been putting in on sight. I have done many things Im proud of, not just art work but the helping hand I have given. I got to work with clients for the first time in my life. I have always been creating for myself and school work. I have never gotten feedback from clients and when I did it was positive feedback. Im Grateful I have been Blessed with the opportunity to help people and help their businesses succeed. As of now I am working on business cards and post cards to put on the JLC Printing website. Its interesting to not only see my work online but for everyone else who logs on to see what I made. Jaime Colon the founder of JLC Print is making specials similar to Vista Print specials, to generate more revenue to the company. He is doing a $5 business card special. I got to see the ins and outs of how business works. People offer a good deal but while your going to check out they offer you everything else the company has just to get a bigger deal out of the client.

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