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Journal #9

This week I learned a big lesson when it comes to the printing business. Always give customers low res proofs before printing because they can take your design you worked so hard on and print it somewhere else. Although that wasnt the case this week I always keep it in mind. The reason I say so is because we had a client that needed a food menu. I designed it and it was very time consuming because it requires a lot of type and aligning, Let alone the design work. I took around 5 hours to finish it. When I was finished with it the client hadn’t come back to pick it up. We wondered why, we had thought he took our design and printed somewhere else. He came back and told us that he had ran into legal trouble. He didn’t pay for certain permits he needed to open a business.

There are many things included when opening and running a business. Another lesson I learned from interning a print shop was you have to give people what they pay for. At first I would take a long time designing certain things for clients. Jaime Colon told me not to spend too much time on the design because the client wasnt paying for a well thought out design. Anything we do is better then what they can do (Being that many of our clients arent too tech davy.)


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