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More Reviewing & Making This Final

This weekend was possibly the busiest weekend I had with my boss this semester. I met with my boss Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday for more editing of the mockups, presenting them to people from another cafe we were at, and my boss editing the copy he gave me and editing the content so there’s less information and grammar corrections for each page. Apparently, my boss decided to edit the content straight from the Photoshop file I was using instead of from the copy he gave me from the email. While he was doing that, he wanted me to look up on how to collect people’s e-mail addresses so they can keep record of how many subscribe to their site when they have it up. Looking it up from my phone, I found a couple of sites relating to what he was looking for. This was referred to as A/B testing, and one of things this does is allow the user to collect e-mails and keep record of how many subscribers are up or removed from their site. This stuff is new to me so I’m not entirely sure whether this is what my boss is looking for so I might have to speak with someone else, like my professors at CityTech, to see if they know more about this.

On Tuesday, we met at the office and discuss on one of the webpages that has been bugging most of us since I designed it: The “Cause” page. The “Cause” page looks really busy with all the information provided and the image background. I tried my best to make it more simple but it still looks like a mess. I spoke with my boss of coming up with ideas to make the site looks more appealing by moving around the image at a better angle and only having one description box instead of two with the sidebars like what was shown on the “Story” and “Team” page. He agreed on this and had me work on it at the office. The result was a success! The only problem was the pinkish-color which should be slightly darker so the text can be legible and the opacity for the description box be the same as the ones from the “Story” and “Team” page. I will be meeting up with him at the office again on Friday to review the final result for the “Cause” page I’m working on and the information on how to collect subscribers e-mail addresses.

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