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9st Journal

Time pass fast, and my intern still have two more weeks left. I feel not really want to end so soon, after I got more and more close to each one in this office. For this week, George asked me to do a poster for two different tours.

I have learned that I need to do the research of Tennessee and Acadia before I sketch the ideas. I spent two days to find the most beautiful pictures and asked the tour guide where will be the place most people like from the tour. I tried to do a combination poster this time by used the Adobe Photoshop. I used five different pictures create a feeling of heaven, which has sky, ego for the white background. Since I don’t use Adobe Photoshop a lot, so I already forgot some of the skills, then I need to go up YouTube to remind how to do it. I have used the maple leafs for background, because this poster is to promotion in Fall, so I guess maple leafs is the best way to do it since both of place can see the maple leafs during the tour. I mean to make the price number out of the yellow circle to make people only can see the $10, then they will find out the actual price once they check the poster again. Last step is type the company logo and contract information.  George said no need to have company logo and contract information this time, but leave our company name is fine. He told me this poster is for company display while I was wondering why not leave the logo and contract information.

I believe I am getting better to be an intern in L and L now.

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