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Journal Entry #9

As of now we are still in the process of preparing for IMATs. This week I managed to finish both the information card as well as the three displays. I realized from this week I lost a lot of my design inspiration due to both lack of sleep, and stress. Having back-to-back assignments can be extremely exhausting! Especially when you have to balance work, and school along with this internship. Welcome to the life of a designer right? Moving along from this whiny moment, I am extremely filled with joy regarding the fact that I finished all three Lipstick displays. I feel there is still room for improvement but there is always time for change. The process was pretty tedious. Melissa did not have a lot of pictures to choose from. She had mentioned at the beginning of the project that she will allow me to do a Photoshoot of my own since we didn’t have enough files but unfortunately due to the limited amount of time, we had no choice but to settle with the photos she already had. I advised her to choose models from different ethnicities so the products can reach out towards a broader audience.  As a result all the photos I selected had one Asian, Hispanic, and black model. I would have preferred the original photo I chose for the black model due to her darker complexion but me Melissa did not find the photo appealing. I found the whole conversation pretty ironic because I did not find the Hispanic photo she chose “appealing”. This situation just reminded me of the ever so popular saying, “Whatever the client wants”. She wanted specific colors to standout on the displays for some of the models I had to alter the lipstick color in Photoshop. From there I added some body copy and made sure to have a unified piece.

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