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10st Journal

This week is my last week to be an intern to work for L and L, and I feel a bit upset while I back to office today. It has been two months that I am working here, now is time to leave when the end of this week.

George asked me to do the flyer for Christmas, he said he want the holiday feeling about this flyer. My first reaction is: holiday feeling? For me, it means red, color full, and snow. I sketched the outline, then start work on computer. This project is easy, because I like Christmas, and I like to do a flyer about this lovely holiday. I used red color as background, use light ball sharps to fill with pictures and different color that easy to type text on, it can make it more visible. On the bottom, I use two different yellow colors to fill the shopping bag, since this flyer have four different tours inside, and one of it is the shopping tour.  George didn’t ask me to change anything for the first time, when I showed it to him. I feel happy during this week even I have to leave so soon.

On the last day of my work, I have received a gift from George gave me a gift it is a 32G USB. He didn’t say too much to me, only said: “ hopefully you have learn something here, keep on your future.” I packed my stuff, then walked to him room and leave my business card to him that I wrote Thank You behind the card.




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