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Journal numero nine

Today my supervisor told me to work on another photo retouching.  I had to combine two groups of people together to form one photo.  The background was similar but slightly tilted.  I first imported both photos in one document in Photoshop.  Afterwards I expanded one of the photos larger so that both photos looked the same in perspective.  I had used the liquefy tool to combine bits of the photo as one.  I used a combination of the clone tool, the patch tool, the healing brush, and transform tool for the missing background.  These tools help me replicate the missing parts and or the parts that look distorted and out of place.  With the photo almost completed I used the dodge tool to help brighten some of the subjects faces so relate to the overall lighting.  With the retouching done, my supervisor Alberto Vargas and I moved to the school Atrium.  We started to shoot film for the schools website.  The final parts of the film he wanted to record were b-scenes for the video.  B-scenes are like filler scenes.  These scenes are placed when a person is talking or when an interview is taking place.  They are placed so the audience does not have to endure a portion of the video with just a person talking.  We moved to the second floor to shoot some of the hospitality management classes.  We also shot a few food sculptures and some of the student’s dishes.  Moving to the 1st floor we took some shots of the elevator and cafeteria with student traffic.  After filming we returned to the office, where Alberto would edit the scenes we took.

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