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Journal post 10/30/13

This week I had been assigned to design the company’s Integrated Marketing Survey playbook. The book mainly consists of surveys and graphs taken throughout the year on the affects of digital marketing and where and when it is at its strongest. The final version came along pretty well with each section have its own iconic graphic as well as charts and graphs to represent statistics. The hardest part was designing the cover for the book. The Marketing Director, the Marketing Executive, and myself went back and forth for a couple hours trying to get the cover to not only look familiar to the company’s last marketing playbook while still have its own identity. In the end we used the honeycombs, a trend used within the Client Summit branding. The idea is to pushing to make the honeycombs a recurring graphic within the company, as told by my Marketing Director.

Along with that assignment I was informed that I was to design this years Holiday Shopping infographic this year. Not that I mine the work, but I’ve come to notice that the marketing team, as well as the company, is coming to trust me more and more with these big projects.  Majority, if not all, of these projects would be handle by an outside designer. I can only assume that they prefer the idea of being involved in he step-by-step process instead of sitting around waiting for an email. Regardless it is a nice feeling to have your work appreciated.


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