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Roy’s Internship Journey: Week 9

After an endless amount of editing products shots and color correcting them, I was told to resize all the images to a 500 by 380 pixel dimension. These dimensions were requested due to the fact that the client’s website only takes those dimensions. After hours of altering the images to fit those proportions, I uploaded them to the client’s server ( The final product was given the thumbs up. We also discussed some of the applicants we received from the casting call, we published online a few weeks ago. One of the candidates, who applied to be one of the models in the ads, gave me the impression she would be great for vision the founder of Ripetaste has. Another model was presented to me as another selection for the imagery of the company. I felt this model didn’t portray the aesthetics the company was going for. I was told that I would change my mind once they would finalize the stylizing around her. We are still waiting for more applicants to sign up since we need three diverse models to be the focus of the brand.

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