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Journal Entry #7

After the previous week I worked on the card design for the event. I also made some revisions and finalized it. Melissa, the founder, had her vision of how she wanted her card to look but after a couple of quick drafts I convinced her to keep it simple. I also suggested her to allow me to add a quick response code to layout so people will automatically be able to donate to the cause by using their phones to access the direct website. After designing the card I focused on designing the display stand for the lipsticks. During our last meeting Melissa and I discussed which photos to use for the display stand, and came up with some body copy for the board.  The headline stated “A toast to beauty. The body copy stated “Intoxicatingly bold colors with Shea butter for ultimate moisture. Cheers!” Coming up with short phrases took some time but it was an amazing feeling to come up with some text during the creative process.  After I designed the display board I had work early the next day. After work I met up at the Dacia Gallery for Melissa’s event. The event started at six o clock and ended at eight o clock. The plan was to meet for 4:30 while Melissa was suppose to reach the gallery by 4:00 but due to traffic Melissa reached the gallery around 5:20. While I’ve been waiting for her since 3:45. The models, make up artist, and hair stylist were already present and the makeup artist and hair stylist had already started making over the models. Since we were running out of time I helped Melissa with setting up. I started with the bar then moved onto the Lipstick display stand, gift bags, and even helped with not only buying supplies but also mixing the refreshments. It was really exhausting. After the event party started I got to mingle with a couple of the guest. I met some interesting people, ranging from business owners, jewelry designers, makeup artist, and fashion bloggers.  It was a pretty exhausting day but it was a bit gratifying to see my design as the lipstick display as well as the cards designed.

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