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Journal Entry #6

This week was my first official meeting with Melissa, the founder of the company the Lip bar. During the meeting I learned a bit more about the brand. Melissa clued me in on some of the new collections of lipsticks that were going to be released in the future. She also showed me several package designs for the lip-glosses, and mascaras she hopes to also launch in the future. I also learned that there was going to be a event party on October 17th.   After the information lecture Melissa introduced me to one of the social media platforms they use called Instagram. Instagram is a phone application that allows users to post videos and photos. The Lip bar has a 15 sec show called the lip bar show. It consists of two old ladies as the characters. The concept of the show pertains to older woman who are trying to stay young and hip by using the lip bars lipsticks.  Melissa and her creative director, Rosco played both characters. I was the cameraman for this episode. They both picked two unique colors for the characters; Purple rain and Cosmo. These colors are going to be released within their new lipstick collection called Cocktail on the Rocks.  The Cocktails on the rocks collection features three colors, Cosmo, Purple Rain, and Amaretto sour. Cosmo is a extravagant vibrant red. Purple rain emulates a vivacious purple, while Amaretto sour is an energetic yellow. The topic of this episode was to spread the word about the new collections that are to be released as well as drive traffic towards the indegogo campaign. The indegogo campaign is a fundraiser to raise funds for a lip bar truck. Melissa currently wants to own a lip bar truck to make a mobile store. She wants to allow her clients the ability to try on colors before they purchase them. It also will give them the option to mix customizable colors for their personal needs. After the recording I was given two projects. I had to design a card for the event, a display board for the lipsticks, and also think about concepts for a promotional commercial for their other new collection called Power trip.

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