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How to Get a Job Response

This society has been growing towards a insubstantial state especially since the recession hit. Finding ways to keep both financial stability, as well as mental stability are growing extremely tedious to accomplish. The article “How to get a Job” by Thomas L. Friedman showed a various amount of insight into the process of searching and applying for jobs. Thomas explained that the world does not care anymore about what you know. It’s primary concern regards what you can do with what you know. Today’s job market is evolving rapidly to the point that objects that were stressed as important back in the day, such as college degrees, are becoming less important by employers. It does not serve as a reasonable source that determines an individual’s ability on how well they can preform a job. Businesses are raising their expectations. They expect their potential candidates to be the perfect match. They do not want to take the time to train a possible future employee but expect the same individual to be overqualified. It is expected for this job seeker to prove him or her self, which is a tedious process.

Thomas also targeted some key points that strongly affects a individuals value such as poor writing and grammar. I feel writings and grammar are things that are not continually focused on the more you advance through college. I personally feel its one of those skills that slowly slips from us when it is not properly nurtured and used to it’s true potential. I feel most colleges do not focus on important matters that mold us into bright individuals. This serves as a handicap for potential people who have the drive but lack the resources and insight.  I feel as if being successful in this world consists of knowledge, determination, knowing how to utilize your skills, and having the entrepreneurial spirit but without knowledge what good are your skills if you have no idea how to utilize them? What is the purpose of experiences if you’re not learning and harvesting your skills.

Thomas also focused on some aspects many job seekers seem to forget about or have no idea of.  Resumes are thought of as spam to recruiters. When applying to a job you have to show how you will help add value to a company. Most employers obtain more than 500 applications a day. When applying to a job you have to sell yourself. You have to think what is unique about you and what about it will help make you a valuable asset to a company. Being a value to a company and to yourself is learning how to be a independent, creative thinker, inventor, and solution finder who is constantly on the route towards personal development, and a more advance outlook on how things work in this world.

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