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Journal #7

This week was a little more relaxed than the previous. I was putting finishing touches on the menus I had been designing. Menus are very time consuming because we have write everything from scratch, then we design it. I learned when dealing with a lot of typography, always write everything out before designing. The reasoning for this is if you design before typing, your design can be disproportionate.

I got to design a post card for JLC Printing. It was an honor to me because I am almost rebranding the company with my own touch. It meant a lot to me that Jaime Colon chose me to do his design, being that he is a designer himself. When I showed him my design he enjoyed it but also gave me some new ideas to innovate the piece.

The good thing about being on site for eight hours and creating art is that time goes by very fast. The saying is true, time flies when your having fun. Jaime makes everything comfortable for me because he gave me own station is his office. I get a lot of creative freedom and it means a lot to me. Another good thing is that I am generating a lot pieces that can possibly go in my portfolio. I am also learning how to work faster and more effiecient. Designing menus gives me a lot more patience when designing ads because ads don’t have as much typography to worry about.


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