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Carlos Ordonez Journal Entry Week 6 (10/16/13)

This week I haven’t gone to my internship because I have not had available hours. I did go last week Friday October 11. That day I came in to Cosmos to see if Joe needed my help. I ended up just sitting next to him and watching him work. He was working on a catalogue and the client asked for some of the photos to be retouched. He was showing me what he had to do in order to fix some of the pictures. Also as he was doing this he encouraged me to ask questions.  I got bored of just watching Joe, so I decided to go upstairs to see what was going on at Aviddd. I came in and Flo was there working on a project for a sneaker company. She was creating some samples of Aviddd 3d patterns for the sneaker company to use on a few kids models. She had been working on this project since last week so I had some familiarity with what she was doing. I helped her laminate and cut some of the samples. After we were done with that Flo had to leave. She asked me if I could help her design something for one of her friends. Her friend needed a flyer for a study on post-divorce parent communication and child behavior. Since Flo had to leave she gave me the keys to the office and told me I could work in there. I just had to make sure to lock the office and leave the keys at the front desk. I continued cutting and laminating some stuff that had to be done. As soon as I was finished I started working on the flyer. I worked on it for about an hour and a half. I was not finished with the flyer so I emailed Flo to tell I had to leave but that I will be working on the flyer at home. She was ok with that. After she gave me the ok, I saved my files; I packed my stuff, locked the office, left the keys at the front desk and left to work.

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