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Delmar’s J3

Dear Illustra Chonicles ,

Third entry – Today before we started working on the Children’s book we went over some art books, because we were looking at my big scale drawings how to draw animals. How the horse anatomy is also the human figure. I showed him my sketches book. I learned that I have to develop a smooth style, and just draw different perspectives. Gideon gave me an assignment to help me get better do more foreshorten drawings on the train, capturing the eyes view from bug to birds eye. So I worked on my twenty by twenty size illustration for an hour.

The remainder of the hours I worked on a children’s book with Gideon called the king and his wardrobe. I helped render three pieces and there is a fourth one, I will be working on next week, he just has to finish drawing most of it. All the pieces are digital. He sent me an overview of how the process and the illustration of the look and feel of the book are created. The client sends a description of each page a scene that will take place. Also descriptions of the characters, In order to come up with the look and style we looked at 17th and 18th century clothing.

I started working on some palettes for the clothing and testing out the skin tones printed, and testing the contrast of colors. I spent my day going back and forth between pieces making sure they had organized groups and proper layers. The project was a learning experience he taught me how to use a Cintiq and I showed him a quick way for me to fill in the colors for each character, which is what he needs me for fast, efficient, and versatile with the work.

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