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Delmar’s Journal 2

Dear Illustra Chonicles ,

Second entry – Today was a learning experience as well as funny, today I was doing some editing with some archiving work. I was basically a librarian and a sweeper, I had a chance to meet Gideon’s wife who is also an artist but she does more fine arts: Sculptures, Paintings, abstract work, and illustrations, and mix media. Today all three of us had tons of work mainly me because the both needed me to help them. Little did I know I would have witnessed a couple panic attack.
I helped Gideon rummage through his old art work and projects he done for various clients especially his kids next door work he was the background creator on the project. I had to scan twenty plus great pieces of creativity with landscapes and creatures, weird oblong shaped illustrations with color and liveliness to their character. He told me the process of how they choose the illustrations with a Japanese stamp the mark of approval, running through each piece like wind stamping them. There were large pieces 14 by 20 etc. I had to scan and put those pieces together and retouch clean the lines and colors.
Next was helping Gideon’s wife she needed help moving her big clay pieces and mix media canvases. She had a lot of supplies for up incoming projects and past projects. We were throwing old things away, and storing weird shaped statues she told me how they make the statues you would see on important corners of the world, and we may make a statue which I’m looking forward to. While she was attempting to move a giant wooden board she dropped it and the area was heavily dusty some granules got in her eye, she freaked and fell to the floor off a mini ladder. I had 911 on standby, she was wailing, luckily we were there to help she was in red alert.
In the end I we got the work done and archived Art from both Gideon and his wife. I learned of an easy way to edit large images together and color techniques and brush styles also was taught the process of statue creations and clay modeling.

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