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Delmar’s J4

Dear Illustra Chronicles,

Fourth entry – I have another scene from the King’s New Wardrobe, this scene is extra detailed I have my work cut out for me it will be simple coloring and detailing the characters in it but the background, and the items in the foreground will have to be fine and clean, like any rendering job. The zoom tool and undo will be my friend for this job. This project took me four days to complete.
Getting myself immersed in digital illustration is making me eager to start most of my Art projects on the computer. I am getting better at coloring with the Wacom tablet and drawing basic shapes.
Using the Cintiq is a learning experience drawing and coloring right on the screen to me I see it’s not really easier, like any other equipment it depends who is using it. Gideon my supervisor was showing me different brushes on the Cintiq, I used it to do a piece for my portfolio and I will be hoping to borrow the old 22HD Cintiq and take it home.

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