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Jay Soo Journal Entry #7

I got to work early as usual; this time my supervisor was here and he said last week he had a family situation, so that was why he didn’t show up. I figured he could have sent an email to the interns to inform us, but it wasn’t a big deal. He asked for the City Tech logo design I worked on last time. I finished it, but he wanted me to change the yellow to a gold. I actually didn’t know that the school logo was actually blue and gold. I did it in a matter of minutes and he took the files. I showed him my senior project progress so far and he gave me insights such as being more creative with it and put more work into it. He showed me his senior project called Tatua done in 2002; it was original and really interesting. He reminded me to use what I have learned all these years in the school to create something creative and my own. He also handpicked a design book and a logo book for me to take reference. I felt really motivated and started to rethink my point of view for my project. It wasn’t long until my supervisor told me to work on a new project. It was an “urgent” job that required some Photoshop work to be done for two pictures. It wasn’t very specific on paper, but I believed we delivered the solution to the client’s problem. After that I just kept doing research until 5 pm.

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