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Jay Soo Journal Entry #6

Jay Soo


ADV 4900-E299

Journal Entry #6

I went to work early at 16 Court Street as usual today. I walked in and cleaned my desk so I could put down my belongings and my working space would be organized. I waited for an hour with another intern, but our supervisor still didn’t show up. The other intern, Alonzo, said that our supervisor might have been in a meeting. It seemed like the case because both his office and Yue Chan’s office were closed. Alonzo left at 1 pm because that’s his usual schedule. I decided to wait until the end of the day at 5 pm so I could just go to my night class. I used the time wisely by working on my senior project. I started doing more sketches for my logo and game cover. Since I could go online I did a lot of research on Square Enix’s logos for most of their games.

I went to lunch at about 2 pm. When I got back to the office I talked to Jessica, an employee there that I met last week. I asked if there was anything she needed help with, so she told me that the gift certificate I designed last week was too big to fit in an envelope. Also she wanted me to reduce the size of some words on the bottom. I worked on it and showed her several times, and finally she approved it. I was glad that today was a productive day.

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