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Delmar Journal 1

Dear Illustra Chronicles,

The Art Directors Club and myself hosted an artist’s forum, also known as Meet the Pros. The speaker was a forerunner in illustration, and master of his craft, Gideon Kendall. He showed the students illustrations in a cartoonist style, landscapes, characters, and even creatures. He shared his origins of education going to high school in Philadelphia. Then pursuing the arts in Cooper Union and working as an Illustrator, Animator, Designer and even a musician he said. I thought that was weird but cool, everybody has a hobby.
I was ecstatic about his beautiful style, the curves colors and characters. I thought I must learn this. It was like a sign from the “Order of Artists”. When the forum was finished all the students lined up to meet the master. I patiently waited for the right moment, and the answer was given by the master. One student asked Gideon how he could get an internship with someone they know, and Gideon said, “Hey, even if you have to ask them to clean their room or organize their work, do that”.
I went up to him and did that exactly using it as a joke to get the job and it worked. I was excited for two weeks and the third week, the illustration began. First I showed him my work. He liked it and we both saw that our styles were different. He was a loose line artist and I was rough and tight he said he will help me find my balance.

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