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Journal Entry #5

Last class I took down some information regarding possible Internships.  I was still waiting for Zola to contact me until I received an email on Thursday from the creative director of the Lip bar. I had applied for the Lip bar since September 20th.  As you can recall they emailed me back but told me they had to cancel the interview because they were going out of state. I thought they were never going to get back to me until I received the email. The Lip bar contacted me on October fourth, which was a Thursday. Rosco, which is the creative director, asked me if I was going to be available for an interview for Friday, which was the following day. I had work but accepted the date. I went to the interview, which was scheduled for twelve o clock. It was held at the rooftop of the establishment. I was extremely nervous especially since both the creative director and Melissa, who is the founder of the company, interviewed me. I showed them my portfolio during the process and they were very impressed. After a few questions and small talk I was hired on the spot. So in the middle of the semester I was blessed to find a internship! The job tasks are the same as what was posted on the listing, which was updating social media pages, assisting on photoshoots, and dealing with customer purchases. I am also going to be designing graphics, formulating marketing strategies, and assisting them with their events. I am so excited for this especially since this is true to my interest. I cannot wait to start!

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