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Journal Entry #4

Since the last class meeting the staff at Zola contacted me on Facebook. They asked me to send them a copy of my resume. I was really happy to hear from them. I haven’t heard back from Nova arts. As a result I decided to apply for some more internships. I applied to The Dumbo arts center, and Allure magazine.  Dumbo arts center is located in Dumbo. They currently own a gallery, in which they use to feature a lot of different artist ranging from fine arts to digital work and so on. They also hold art festivals as well as other events. Allure is a female-based magazine that features topics such as, fashion, beauty, salon & spa, hair care, and celebrity style. I wanted to intern for a magazine company but haven’t had any luck sadly. I really pray and hope that Allure will contact me back. I wrote a cover letter for the opportunity as well and applied for the Beauty section, which is all about the cosmetology world of makeup, hair, skin care products, and etc. I really would like to participate in something such as this. This internship search has been going really bad so far but I am just trying to keep my hope and faith up. I am still waiting back from Zola as well. In the meantime I am just going to research more internships that focus in my field. I recently saw a small design studio in my neighbor hood called Coop design. I went of the webpage and checked them out. I may walk in and ask them if they are taking internships at the moment. The search goes on.

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