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Creation Myth- Response

The article Creation Myth by Malcolm Gladwell didn’t really hold my attention. However, I did find certain things both interesting and humorous as I drifted through the paragraphs. I will forever find the invention of the first computer to be pretty interesting. I could not imagine using such a huge contraption with a mouse the size of a alarm clock. I can only imagine how time consuming it must have been to type in every action into the computer in order for the system to preform, what my generation considers, a simple task. It’s also pretty interesting how the Xerox mouse cost $300 to make but broke down within two weeks. It was funny to me how Dean Hovey tried to make a a more affordable mouse using a butter dish, and the balls found within several underarm deodorant. The little history mention within this article was interesting as well- The soviet union were the first to think of how digital technology would aid in warfare, while Americans were the first to create the high technological systems, and Israel was the first to use them during the 1982 battle of Bekaa valley Turkey shoot. It showed that the Soviet union had a strong grasp on theoretical analysis, while America posses a drive towards forming technological solutions. The optical engineer Gary Starkweather was a pretty interesting character as well. I like how his goal was to create a printer that simplified the printing process by getting rid of the process of scanning a photo by replacing this action with directing the file from a document straight into a photocopier all within the computer. I adore his persistence for his creations. I also adore his determination and strength to understand his self worth which enabled him to pursue his gratifying invention.

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