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Carlos Ordonez Journal Entry Week 4 (10/02/13)

Finally Tommy got back to me and told me to some in Tuesday October 1st 2013.

I was really excited to start my internship because I didn’t know what to expect. I came in and I was introduced to Joe Siciliano who is the prepress specialist at the company, and who is going to be my mentor/supervisor. He immediately gave me a job that he was working for the Guggenheim museum and told me to do some Photoshop retouching. I think he did this just to see my skills and my thought process. So after 10 to 15 minutes he came back and said I like what you’re doing but let me show you how to do it faster an easier. So He sat down and in less then 30 seconds he did what I had been trying to for the last 15 minutes. I was amazed as how easy he made it seem, and in fact it was easy, the thing is that he solved the problem another way and it worked very well. After he did that I realized this guy was the real deal, definitely someone I would like to learn from. So he kept working on other files while I watched him. He finished and then said that’s all I have for now so if you want let me see your schoolwork and see if I could help you. We went over some stuff and then he had the idea to introduce me to Michael Kagan the CEO of an in house company called Aviddd. Mike was actually looking for an intern too, so we decided to share my intern hours between Cosmos and Aviddd. Aviddd does a special way of printing that requires knowledge in Illustrator in order to create 3D prints with use of patterns and a special paper. I was so excited that now I had 2 internships. The rest of the day I spent with Joe and at 3pm I was gone, very happy an excited about this new experience I was about to jump into.

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