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Carlos Ordonez Journal Entry Week 5 (10/09/13)

My second time at cosmos was interesting. I came in on Tuesday October 8th 2013, but Joe told me he had nothing for me to do, so he asked me if I wanted to be at Avidd today, so I agreed and headed to Avidd. There I met Flow who is Mikes wife and business partner. She is the one in charge of designing the patterns, samples and pretty much everything that the company outputs. I spent the whole day with Flow because she was teaching me how they create they design, create their prints and how they work. What they do is that with the use of really small patterns and a shape or an image they create the illusion of 3D. They do samples with printed paper and then laminating it with a special type of plastic that is made up of small lenses, that in the end create the 3D effect. They have this high quality printer that resembles the process of a big CMYK printer or let say a printer with plates. It takes about 30 minutes to create a print but the quality is about 2800dppi. After the print is created we have to transfer to paper in and other machine. On that same machine you laminate the paper with the plastic cover that in the end creates the 3D effect, the only thing is that in order to transfer the print to paper the machine has to be hot and to laminate it has to be cold. Let me not forget to mention that in takes the machine 2 hours to cool down. In the end I learned the whole process that it takes Aviddd to create their sample prints, so hopefully next time I am there  I will have more hands on tasks.

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