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John Johnson Internship Journal Four

Journal Four

     I worked all day yesterday, October 1st, at the graphics department of the King’s County District Attorney’s office.  As usual, there was a lot of spraying and mounting in the morning.  After that, things calmed down, and there wasn’t too much to do.

I felt better being there for some reason, and worked quite a bit on trying to redesign the seal for the district attorney’s office.  They didn’t ask me to do this, but I saw that the other intern was working on it, so I decided to try as well.  I was just trying to put a lot of gradients in it, and give it a more colorful look than just the usual black and white.

It is a little hard to work on outside things at the job, because I can’t use my flash drive.  I can email myself things from the office though, and probably email them to myself there as well.  So I decided to try to continue to try to work on the logo/seal, at home.

I also bought an IPAD, so I can use that at the office too, if I want.  It was very quiet and serious at the job in the morning, but in the afternoon, things got very noisy.  I watched one of the other employees work and do some scanning at my desk, so I could try to learn from what he was doing.  He is very fast when he works on photoshop, at retouching and organizing files.


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